Retail Workers Keep the Christmas Spirit

Shopping for Christmas can be hectic to say the least.

There's the endless list of items to pick up and of course the crowds!

But what about those people who's job it is to help you find those items on your shopping list?

How are they surviving the Christmas rush while keeping their own Christmas spirit?

"Thank you. You have a Merry Christmas," says sales clerk Annie Jones to a customer.

"If you have on a smile and you have a happy attitude the customer feels that and they have a happy attitude too. You may have one or two people who are ugly to you but usually everybody's nice," says Annie.

"I just moved here from Dallas about two months ago and the people in this city of Longview really are some of the friendliest shoppers I've seen anywhere I've ever been," says Carl Iovinelli.

"In Dallas you know getting slapped wasn't beyond happening in our stores out there. You know death threats, guests telling you how you ruined their children's Christmas," says Carl.

"I spent 10-years manager for Delta airlines and which that was very, very stressful job and got to a point where I got burned out. I still wanted to deal with people," says Kim Powell.

"The busier we are the better it is. Yeah it's crazy but it's fun," says Kim.

"The worst part is if you're trying to get from point 'A' to point 'B' without getting stopped by about 30 people," says Carl.

"They'll bring things up here that you didn't know were in the store. It's kinda like a commercial cause they bring all the items up that you wanna go get and you can just go back there and get it," says Annie.

"If I can help somebody and get them what they want that's satisfaction enough right there to make my whole day," says Kim.

Amy Tatum reporting