Beating The Holiday Blues

For some people, holiday gatherings resemble a Norman Rockwell portrait. A big family, all smiles gathered around a golden turkey. But not everyone has a picture perfect family, and not everyone is feels happy during the holidays.

"Family, I think is the biggest source of holiday depression. Problems, stressors, illness financial, what not," says psychologist Dr. Stephen Westmoreland.

He says the holidays can be tough for many reasons including a recent divorce, being widowed, or all alone during the holidays.

It can also result from the hustle and bustle of shopping and prepping for the holiday.

"I think planning and avoiding last minute errands leads to stress,  also expecting too much of themselves, there is only so much you can do.

So to avoid holiday stress Dr. Westmoreland offers these tips.

First don't feel pressured to be perfect. And if you are going to be alone, let someone know. Stay active and volunteer your time. Try not to think of the oast and finally remember what this holiday is really about.

"The real focus of Chirstmas is Christ birthday. It doesn't make sense to go to someone's party and be wrapped up in your unhappiness or loneliness," says Dr. Westmoreland.