East Texans opt for smaller more affordable homes

By Jena Johnson - bio | email
Posted by Ellen Krafve - email

LUFKIN, TX (KLTV) - Supersize...it's a word most Americans are familiar with. But East Texas home builders say not anymore. People are opting for a smaller, more affordable home.

"Not like they downsized in the past when grandma sold her house to buy a smaller house," said Bill Temple, owner of BC Custom Homes. "It's families with kids that our downsizing."

Temple says he's building energy efficient homes in the 13,00to 1,600 square-foot range.

"They're tired of future energy cost, whether it be electric energy costs - particularly the way gasoline has been going," said Temple. "So it has everybody thinking really hard on the size house they want to build."

To hammer more contracts home, he's adjusting to what home buyers need.

"People don't want to be strapped to their utility bills," said Temple. "They want to be able to have some dispensable income to be able to enjoy life while they're living in their home."

Another East Texas contractor, Mike Hineman, thinks building smaller is a sign of the times.

"When fuel prices and cost of living keeps going up, I think it will become a standard," said Hineman.

He says the mentality that bigger is better just isn't the case right now.

"If the economy goes back up, everybody always likes bigger," said Hineman.

Until then, home builders believe as the economy continues to shrink, so will the homes.

Home builders contribute the move to smaller homes to people wanting a cheaper energy bill and the baby boomer generation becoming empty nesters when their kids move out.

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