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TYLER, TX (KLTV) - First it was February, now it's Friday. The big switch from analog to digital happens in this week. For many older televisions the switch means the end is near. But before you go dumping your analog set, there are some things you should now.

In just a few days televisions we've relied on for years could go silent. If you want to continue watching, the rules are simple. For every old TV  you need a new converter box. It's a rule for many that signals a little housecleaning.

"We don't want them to just take them to the landfill and throw them out," said David Walton, director of the Goodwill Distribution Center in Tyler.

Walton says evidence of the big switch is in the inventory.

"We were receiving five to 10 TV's in a week when people were replacing their older sets," said Walton. "Recently that's increased from five to 10 to 10 to 15."

Goodwill and the Tyler Recycling Center accept used televisions for free. While obsolete for some, Goodwill auctions the old TV's off every Saturday. They are recycling by passing them on to new owners.

"The best part about taking time to recycle your TV is you ensure that harmful chemicals inside, like lead and others, stay out of your local landfill," explained Walton. "The probability of it going to a landfill when it comes to Goodwill are zero to five percent."

Another option for TV disposal is Best Buy.

"If you bring in any of your TV's that are under 32" they do charge a $10 fee for the recycling program, but we offset that cost for the customer by basically giving them a Best Buy gift card," said Rachel Carrol, with Best Buy.

It's not completely free, but a good deal. Both agree whatever you decide to do with your television, making sure the chemicals inside are properly taken care of is the most important thing.

For those of you with converter boxes, you're not out of the woods just yet. You will need to have your box re-scanned one more time after going digital. This Thursday KLTV will be airing a step by step guide to re-scan for the KLTV signal.

Tyler phone bank open all day Friday: 903-510-7818

The hotline will be to help you set up your converter box if you are unable to pick up our signal.

Longview phone bank for this Friday: 903-757-3176

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