3 tips to saving money at the movies

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LUFKIN, TX (KTRE) - School is out, but that wasn't stopping kids at the Lufkin Cinemark theater from waking up early Tuesday morning.

"I like watching movies," said one young movie-goer.

At 9:30 a.m. kids had traded their desks for a theater seat.

"It just give the kids an opportunity to come in and get out of the summer heat," said Lufkin Cinemark Assistant Manager Elton Arnold. "It gives them some quality, good entertainment."

The theater brings back movies that have already run and gives parents and kids the chance to see them again. You can get a $5 pass or you can pay $1 at the door.

The Lufkin Cinemark isn't the only one giving you a chance to save.

On Tuesdays, the Carmike theater in Tyler has $1 kids tickets at 10 a.m. All Carmike theaters are offering Carmike's Stimulus Tuesdays where you can get popcorn and a drink for $1 each.  Times Square in Tyler also offers $5 tickets for kids and a kids combo for their 9:30 a.m. movies on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

"It's special to go to the theater anyway, but if you have a good time and it's all about making another customer happy and it makes that child come to the show more often," Arnold said.

Parents said they were thrilled with the cheap buy.

"I just think it's a fun time to spend and I'm a teacher so I have the summer off so it's been a good, cheap way to take the kids and have fun," said teacher Laura Ouedraogo.

After the show, the kids seemed to like the deal.

"Because you get to watch it when no other movies are playing," Kimberly Penick said.

"It was so cool and I liked it," said another young movie-goer.

"We go here a lot and we love to go here," said Kaylyn Evans.

Evans' friend, Jeniyah Smallwood, said she enjoyed, "watching movies, playing video games and everything."

Not everyone's favorite part is the movie, but new deals prove there's something for everyone.

"Because they have popcorn and stuff and they have Twizzlers, that's my favorite thing," said a young John Penick.

It's something one mom has counted on every summer for five years.

"We wait for the schedule to come out and we see what movies and we see which Tuesday we're going to be here and we're sad when we're going to be out of town," said parent Janie Vandergriff.

The Cinemark theater in Lufkin said their deals will continue until August 2 and the bargains at Times Square Cinema run through August 20.

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