Third Body Recovered From Longview Fire

After more than two days of searching, another body is recovered from the deadly fire at the Pinehurst apartments in Longview. Sunday, fire investigators discovered the body of the third and what they believe to be the final person missing after Friday's early morning fire.

While ATF agents and the National Response Team searched through the wreckage, mourners came today, bringing flowers in honor of the lives lost. Those affected by the fire came to try and comfort those who are still searching for their loved ones.

Mourners told us today that among the missing is Matthew Pfeifer, a senior at LeTourneau University. Also, Obie and Elizabeth LeBlanc, a married couple who lived on the second floor of the apartment building, are still unaccounted for. Even though bodies were recovered, the authorities say positive identification will still take a while.

Longview Fire Marshal Davis Whitehurst explains, "As in the other two that we recovered, this recovery is going to autopsy and we will not have that information for a while."

"There has been no positive ID that I'm aware of," he says.

With all three bodies located, the investigation will now shift to determining the cause of the fire. ATF agents brought in special dogs Sunday to search the site for any accelerants that may have been used to start the fire. This phase of the investigation will last several days.