"You get let go and go 'whoosh' up in trees"

By Courtney Lane - bio | email
Posted by Ellen Krafve - email

LINDALE, TX (KLTV) - School is out, and that means it's time for some summer fun at camps across East Texas. Rockin C Ranch in Lindale kicked off its first full day of summer camp!

Rockin C Ranch gave us a warm welcome...so warm we wanted to take a splash too. But instead, we just had to re-live our childhood through the campers.

"Horseback riding, zip lining...we went canoeing, did crafts and stuff like that," said Hailey Holland.

"The Screamer is when you get let go and go whoosh up in trees," said Deondric Hicks. "I'm having a great time up here."

Staff members say it's just healthy for kids to get outdoors and experience camp.

"It's almost overwhelming with all the stuff that you get to do, and if you think about it, they usually sit at home and it's usually TV or video games," said Jason Albright with Rockin' C.

A crowd pleaser at Rockin C is something called a "blob".

"It's the blob," said one camper. "You climb up there and then you jump, and whenever you jump, you climb onto the other side and that person jumps on the other side and you go in the water."

Kids also learn to ride horses, shoot some archery, and of course learn the meaning of team-work - whether it's getting your canoe going in the right direction or building projects, like a fence.

"I think it teaches characterization," said Hicks. "They're good teammates and helpers."

And as a Christian Camp, staff has another mission, too.

"Our goal is that no kid comes across our cattle guard without hearing the gospel of Jesus Christ," said Albright. "To see the change in the campers is huge but to see the growth and the change in our counselors and staff, you can't pay anybody for that. It's just knowing you're making a difference."

It's a week of adventure that campers and adults alike take with them the rest of their life.

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