WebXtra: "You get let go and go 'whoosh' up in trees"

By Courtney Lane - bio | email

LINDALE, TX (KLTV) - School is out and that means it's time for some summer fun at camp; a little holiday not only for kids but parents as well.

Monday we got a warm welcome at "Rockin C Ranch" in Lindale and checked out some of the activities. Horseback riding, archery, zip lining, even splashing around in a private lake with what's called a "blob." We quickly learned it is a favorite at the camp.

"You climb up there and then you jump," said one of the campers. "Whenever you jump, you climb onto the other side and that person jumps on the other side and you're in the water."

"Horseback riding, zip lining...the screamer is when you get let go and go "whoosh" up in trees," explained another camper.

Rockin' C Ranch also teaches kids the meaning of teamwork, building projects around the ranch. As a Christian camp, kids have Bible studies as well.

We are meeting with some of the staff. We'll show you much more on KLTV at 6.

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