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Miniature horse survives tragedy

By Philippe Djegal - email

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Just last month, KLTV reported starving horses that were rescued in Hallsville. Safe Haven Equine Rescue took dozens of malnourished horses, saving them from being put to sleep.

There is a happy ending to that story. American miniature horses from around the country competed in Tyler this weekend. But, one of the rescued horses that didn't even compete in the events stole the show.  

A photo of miniature horse 'Texas Tornado' taken just four weeks ago shows a beat up animal. He was one of 22 horses in Hallsville that Safe Haven Equine Rescue saved from nearly a year of starvation.

"He was stalled up in a barn for over 9 months," said Richard Fincher, Executive Director of Safe Haven. "He was in just terrible shape. His hooves was turned up, he was just totally neglected."

"It is very painful for an animal to go through," said Kimberly Brunson, Owner of Texas Rose Horse Park. "I mean, it'd be like an in-grown nail growing into your hand and the pain that that causes, and to walk around on that would really just not be a good thing."

Texas Tornado was over-weight, his maine was matted and bugs were living on him.

"He was going to end up being foundered the way he was, which it would be to a point that we probably would have had to put him down if he couldn't walk," said Fincher.[

But, that didn't happen. Safe haven revived him by trimming his hooves and feeding him a nurtitional diet.

"They do a fantastic job of rescuing horses," said Sammy Rudel, President of Southwestern Miniature Horse Club.

Tornado couldn't compete today, but his care takers and event sponsors said he didn't have to.

"He symbolizes the fact that there are people who care about animals, and the fact that if they are suffering and they need care, that they're getting top quality care and they'll be able to live their life out to the very end," said Rudel

According to Safe Haven, all 22 horses from the May seizure in Hallsville are healthy and looking for owners - or another safe haven.

The horse show was free. But, through private donations and an auction, the Southwestern Miniature Horse Club raised more than $2,000 which they will donate to Safe Haven Equine Rescue.

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