Stewart Regional Blood Center's Empty Shelves Need Replenished

It's this cold holiday weather and busy Christmas season that gives the Stewart Regional Blood Center such a scare with less people giving.

"To know there is not enough supply is very scary. That's what he survives on," says Pam Lively.

Pam lively brought her son Randy to Tyler's Downtown Blood Drive to remind East Texans what their blood donations can do.

"Even if I don't know them, I sure thank them because if it wasn't for them I wouldn't be here," says Randy Lively.

Randy needs the plasma from blood because he suffers from a life threatening antibody immune deficiency.

"It takes 9,000 people donating to receive the amount of blood that he receives every two weeks," Pam Lively.

Like many others, the Lively's can't always get blood here in East Texas.

Here's the problem the blood center is having. Only 25 people a day are donating, but it takes 200 to sustain the hospitals here in East Texas. That struck a nerve with East Texans.

"It's unbelievable but there are so many people like me that intend to give blood but just don't get out and do it," Jerry Yancy.

Those who rolled up their sleeves for Randy and other East Texans say the brief time in the chair is no inconvenience at all.

"Because when people need blood and there is no other place to get it and it's life saving," says Sue Tallant.

Remember you can always donate blood at the Stewart Regional Blood Center during business hours. They are open Monday through Friday, 8:30-6:30, Thursday 8:30-8:00, and Saturday 9:30-1:30.