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Stanley's BBQ shows you how to cut your brisket

How to clean and slice a whole, slow smoked, beef brisket!

By: The pitmasters of Stanley's Famous Pit Bar-B-Que -- Tyler, TX (Nick Pencis & Jonathan Shaw)

1) Typically a whole brisket will cook anywhere from 7 - 16 hours depending on the method you use. This part is up to you!

2) Take your whole brisket and lay it on the cutting board horizontally in front of you.

3) To remove the top part of fat, put the blade of your knife flat against the top of the brisket, pull the knife towards you. Continue to scrape the layer of fat off. It should come off mostly in one large piece. You will now be able to see the grain of the meat.

4) The brisket is comprised of two parts - The top (the cap) and the bottom (the flat).  To remove the cap from the flat, simply run your knife between the seam of the two pieces.  You can now do some simple trimming to lessen the amount of easily removable fat on both parts.  You can also leave the cap on the flat if you like a fattier slice of brisket.

5) The grain of the meat should be visible on both parts. Remember to always cut AGAINST the grain of the meat. This will give you a more tender slice of meat. 

6) Drizzle with your favorite BBQ Sauce if you wish. Garnish with cold sliced dill pickles, yellow onion, sliced white bread, and your favorite side dishes. Enjoy!

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