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Next time, make sure you have a permit...

Shahzad Zulifqar Shahzad Zulifqar
Billy Perdue, Jr. Billy Perdue, Jr.
Gilbert Perry, Jr. Gilbert Perry, Jr.

Posted by Ellen Krafve - email

VAN ZANDT COUNTY (KLTV) - Three East Texans have been arrested and charged with illegal dumping.

It appears several individuals were pumping underground storage gas tanks at a B-Z Mart in Grand Saline and dumping the "hazardous waste" on Van Zandt County Road 1805.

According to authorities, Van Zandt County Sheriff's Officers and the Grand Saline Department responded to an illegal dumping call on CR 1805 from a concerned citizen and found a large quantity of a hazardous fluid on the road and in the creek behind the Grand Saline City Lake.

After talking with "concerned citizen", officers determined the people who had allegedly dumped the hazardous fluids were planning on dumping more at the spot and were currently filling back up at the B-Z Mart. Officers headed over to the B-Z Mart in Grand Saline and found the accused filling up four containers on their truck and trailer.

Officers followed the truck back to CR 1806. Authorities approached the two men and found out they had allegedly been hired by the owner of the B-Z Mart, Shahzad Zulifqar, 48, to pump the underground tanks and dispose of the liquids.

Billy Perdue, Jr., 28, and Gilbert Perry, Jr., 30, did not have a permit or license to handle hazardous waste nor a permit to dump the hazardous waste. They, along with Zulifqar, were arrested and charged with Illegal Dumping over 1,000 lbs or over 200 cu. ft., a State Jail Felony.

Their bonds were set at $25,000 each. Further criminal and civil actions are likely, pending further investigations.

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