Life's a peach! It's a bumper year for East Texas farmers.

By Bob Hallmark - bio | email
Posted by Ellen Krafve - email

RUSK COUNTY, TX (KLTV) - The past few years have been disastrous for peach growers in East Texas. Drought, disease and even hail have decimated crops. But this season things are looking up.

People come long distances to the Vannoy Family Farm in Rusk County, to get what they say are the best peaches in East Texas.

"We have people that come from Houston, and I had a lady this morning that comes every year from Louisiana," Marilyn Vannoy.

Peaches are a high maintenance fruit, and it's a short harvest season, so growers need healthy yields to make profit.

"It's expensive to grow peaches because you have thinning and pruning and you have to work with them all year," said Vannoy.

Peach farming is perhaps the most tenuous of any kind. They can be susceptible to so many things: late spring freezes, too much rain, too little rain and diseases. But, this year looks like a really good year.

"[It is] looking really good right at the present time," said Vannoy. "If everything goes okay, the rest of the summer we home we have a pretty good season."

And all peaches are not alike, there are dozens of varieties: Florida Kings, June Gold, Bounty and Loring. For the Vannoys, it's a bumper year and life is...well...what you might think.

"Life's a peach," smiled Vannoy.

Vannoy Farms is about six miles northeast of Henderson on Highway 43 in Rusk County. You can get peaches at there Monday through Saturday from 8-to-5 until the end of July.

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