Spine and Joint Hospital Opens

A hospital unique to East Texas is ready to treat patients. The new Texas Spine and Joint Hospital in Tyler held a special dedication ceremony Thursday morning. The facility will treat people with spinal and orthopedic injuries.

Spine Specialist Dr. Kevin Pauza says the hospital is a tremendous blessing since many of his patients come from out-of-state. "For the first time, I'm able to have a center that's dedicated just to spine injuries, and it's a place to treat these patients," he says.

Just a few months ago, the center was nothing more than concrete and steel. Now the building is housing neurosurgeons and spinal and orthopedic specialists from around Tyler.

"This is literally one stop shopping," says Dr. Guy Danielson, one of 23 founding doctors."We will have our offices here, the hospital, and three operating rooms."

The 90,000 square foot facility also has an extensive pain center, 20 patient beds, a closed MRI and Catscan machine.

But unlike your typical hospital, TSJH centers it's treatment solely around orthopedic and spinal injuries. Physicians expect that atmosphere will create a more efficient and comfortable environment for patients.

"There are more studies coming out that indicate people do well if they have a procedure done at a an institution where it's commonly done," says Dr. Charles Gordon with Neurocare Network.

And with doctors across the county already inquiring about the new facility, Dr. Thomas Graham believes the center will give Tyler's medical community an extra edge.

"I think in it will attract even more high quality physicians and help raise that bar even higher for patient care."

   Kerri Panchuk, reporting.