Family Pet Brutally Killed

"When he first told me they had found Zim and that he was dead I thought, well, he's been hit by a car, but when he proceeded to tell us more of what had happened I was just horrified," said Tammy Thompson of Tyler.

"I couldn't imagine anyone doing that and Zim was such a beautiful cat."

The Thompson's cat had been missing for a few days. They hoped he would come home. They never thought this would happen.

"To skin a cat and cause it's death. That is just unimaginable," says Tammy. "Zim was even declawed, a very harmless animal. I can't imagine the mentality."

Tammy had to tell her son Harley, his pet was gone.

"He was my favorite pet and he was kind of like a friend," says Harley.

"Zim was a member if our family, as a matter of fact Zim has a present under the Christmas tree. It definitely was a heart felt loss," says Tammy.

Now the Thompson's just want justice to be done.

"I hope we can locate the person who did this and stop them," says Tammy. "I am at a loss. What punishment do you give? Or is it really they just need help themselves?"

A few weeks ago in Lindale several families found skinned animals in their mail boxes. Right now police aren't sure if they are related crimes. They are working several leads on this case though. Call Tyler police if you have any information about this latest act of animal cruelty at 531-1090.