Champions Tour: Spring Hill

By: Coleman Swierc

Longview, Texas (KLTV) - The sidewalk chalk says it all.

"I have never been more excited in my life," said Laura Bernaldez, on heading to state, "and and I can't even explain it has not even hit me yet, I think it will when I step on the field."

The first steps on the field, will be the first in school history, a thought that has intitally left the players, a little overwhelmed.

"It is really hard to think, it is hard to imagine that we are, but we are excited, I do not know what to think, because we have never been there," said catcher Allison Brown.

"Our coach has always dreamed about playing on that field," said Jessica Fudge, "so it was kind of overwhelming, it still has not set in yet, and I don't think it will until we step on the field."

The first trip to Austin for the Panthers was not easy, a win over the defending state champs made it possible.

"It was crazy," said Brown, on beating Huntington in the regional final, "I was just ready to get that out, and we knew that we had it, we just played our hardest, it was unbelieveable."

Now all the have to worry about is opening their eyes at the crack of dawn...the Lady Panthers will play the early game on Friday morning.

"We are not a morning people really, Ashley is, our shortstop, but I am not, at all, I can't wake up, I am not a morning person at all," said second baseman Shannon Sanders.

"For most of my team I think it won't be good, because they hate waking up," said Fudge, "but I am a morning person, I don't think it will be too bad,"

"We have done good at 8:30 in the morning before, so I am not nervous about it," said Bernaldez.

The Lady Panthers will face Celina at 8:30 on Friday morning from Red McCombs Field in Austin.