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Cheap Eats: Hamburger or taco? Why not have both?

By Morgan Chesky - bio | email
Posted by Ellen Krafve - email

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - They are few and far between, but every week we keep bringing you more Cheap Eats. And, why not? We've found pretty much everyone enjoys a meal and a non-water drink for under $5 with tax.

My first stop was an establishment that hasn't been open long, but is already making a name for itself. I hit the road early, following a tip that lead to Diana, Texas to check on a mysterious lunch deal.

The people at Shirley Dean's drive thru cover their bases. A drive thru will accommodate those in a hurry and you're welcome to dine in, but I chose to walk up the deck.

Shirley Dean herself took my order. In the back I watched the hamburger come together. Once completed, Shirley handed it over. Sitting down, it didn't take long to knock out some good old fashioned home cooked goodness.

Next up, I headed west to White Oak to a place where good food wasn't hard to find. I walked into Circle W Cafe and scanned the menu. A quick glance showed a few Cheap Eats and I chose the hamburger. Minutes later they brought it out. A hamburger and a tea will only cost you $4.82.

Running out of time, I realized had to get going.

I broke my hamburger streak in Longview at a place that believes in delicious deals. Tacos Goyos was the name and Cheap Eats is their game. The menu spelled it out for me inside. I ordered the tacos. Fixed just the way you want in the back they were served up quickly. You get two flour tacos and a can drink for just $4, making it this week's Cheap Eats champion.

Bonus Cheap Eats:

Fantastic Foods To Go
Open Wed./Thur./Fri.
1511 S. Medford
Lufkin, TX

$5.00 Lunch
BBQ, Chips, and a Drink

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