"For a minute...I thought I was dead, and then I saw this bright light"

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TYLER, TX (KLTV) - We have captured the tragic turn of events recently in one East Texan's life.

Maria Avelar's home first caught fire in February. Then, it caught fire again Monday. The Tyler Fire Department says it looks suspicious. Plus, we also learned Avelar was the woman who was run down by a truck a few weeks ago in downtown Tyler.

February 17th Avelar's home caught fire due to an electrical problem. Her son, asleep at the time, was saved by their puppy's mighty bark.

Avelar was buying that home and close to owning it. It was still being fixed up from the fire, so they weren't back in it yet, but many of their belongings were. Close to moving back "home" when Monday...

"My house caught fire again," said Avelar.

Tragedy struck again. Tyler fire investigators say the second blaze is suspicious. As if going through all this and being a single mom isn't tough enough, Avelar is still recovering from minor injuries suffered a few weeks ago when she was hit by a truck and thrown seven feet.

"For a minute, when I was run over, I thought I was dead, and then I saw this bright light," said Avelar. "When I saw the light I kept praying, you know, please don't let me be dead, don't let me be dead."

Avelar truly believes she's still here for a reason.

"Even doctors said, 'This is a miracle, somebody's watching over you' and I believe so," said Avelar.

As far as her home goes, Maria is keeping the best attitude she possibly can under the circumstances.

"Material things come and go," said Avelar. "I know it's going to take me awhile I know I have nothing."

What she does have, and is incredibly grateful for, are her children and a strong faith. Avelar says while we don't understand why some things happen in life, God does and she believes he's in control.

"There's God," said Avelar. "There's God upstairs and there's justice here."

A tragedy fund is set up for Avelar and her family. If you would like to help, you may donate to the "Maria Avelar Tragedy Fund" at any Regions Bank location.

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