How to Break an Attacker's Grasp

If an attacker were to make his way into your personal space, would you know how to fight him off?

Brandon Jones, a self-defense instructor at Tyler Kung Fu and Fitness, says there are a few basic tips all women can follow. "We tell them to aim for vital areas, such as the throat, the eyes, and the groin area," says Jones.

"The nose is also a vital area," he says. "We teach the ladies to use hard parts of their body to hit these areas, such as their palm or their own knees. For instance, they can bring the knee up to the groin."

Since most sexual predators attack from behind, many victims find themselves in a tough situation.

Jones teaches women to wiggle their way out. He says constantly keep moving, because it makes it harder for the attacker to hold on. Then when the victim is free, he or she can get enough space to kick the assailant in the knee.

Tyler Kung Fu And Fitness is one of a several businesses offering self-defense classes in Tyler.

Jones says learning self defense doesn't mean you'll always be safe, but having a few tricks up your sleeves is better than having none.

   Kerri Panchuck, reporting.