Advice For Pepper Spray Buyers

If you've ever considered buying pepper spray for protection, there's something you should consider first. While there's an array of sprays on the market, self-defense experts recommend you buy the kind with ultra-violet dye in it. The dye makes it possible for police to track down attackers after they've been sprayed.

The dye is not visible to the human eye, but it appears under a special light.

"If police pick up a suspect that has been sprayed, they can put him in front of an ultra-violet light, and if he was the one, it will light up," say Rick Cheek, who sells the product at Lock & Load Indoor Range and Gun Shop.

Despite the advantages of having pepper spray, self defense experts say to be careful when using it, especially, if you're spraying it in the wind.

   Kerri Panchuck, reporting.