Fruitcake Company Excels Despite Jokes

You have probably heard the jokes, and you may have seen the tins underneath your Christmas Tree. But one Texas bakery is out to prove the fruitcake has gotten a bad rap.

People come here from all over the world for one thing. Fruitcake. Here is the Collin Street Bakery in Corsicana.

Bob McNutt calls himself the Fruitcake King. After all, he started working at the bakery at age three folding boxes. "I did a very good job when I was three at the box folding. And, I've been promoted all the way up to president. So, I feel like I've probably put in my time so far."

Sure, Bob's heard the jokes about fruitcakes. But he sells one and a half million of them every Christmas. "We've researched to track down the original fruitcake joke. And, it turns out that that came from Johnnie Carson. And, we are very quick to point out that Johnnie is out of business, but we're still here."

Bob says quality is the reason why the bakery has been so successful for more than a hundred years. There are no preservatives. 80 percent of the cake is real fruit and nuts. Collin Street Bakery grows it's own pineapples, and buys it's pecans and honey from other Texas companies.

"Some people enjoy it with coffee in the morning. The Queen of England enjoys fruitcake with her tea in the afternoon. So, you're in very good company when you enjoy fruitcake."

   Stephen Parr, reporting.