Gift Baskets - A Good Idea

First get a produce crate at a local grocery store. Paint it red and decorate it for Christmas. You can stencil sayings on it and put fake snow on the box. Just buy some fake snow spray at any Christmas tree lot or craft store.

The put in the box a few treats like fudge, cookies and pretzels. A great gift to add is a Christmas ornament with cider.

Get a glass bulb and funnel the cider inside.

To make the cider get a box of spiced cider at the store. It usually comes in 10 packages. Put all of them in a bowl. Use 1 cup of an orange drink like Tang. Add a box of white grape jello and one cup of sugar. Mix it together and then fill the bulb.

Put the cap on with a bow and you are done.

Also paint old coffee cans red and green and put your cookies in there. Also try theme boxes like movie night. You can add microwave popcorn, a video and some candy.

Hopefully all of your friends will love their home made gift baskets.