Technology spotlighted in annual Parade of Homes

By Philippe Djegal - email
Posted by Ellen Krafve - email

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Let the countdown begin! Tyler's 56th annual Parade of Homes starts this Saturday, June the 6th.

One Tyler home on the "parade route" was built in 1936. What makes it unique and "new"?

"What we've demonstrated is you can still put modern house components in an old house," said Ross Conner, president of Conner Community Custom Homes.

Conner added 2,400 square feet to this home, bolstering it with the latest in digital entertainment.

"How new is this technology? This system is actually modeled after the look of an I-Pod," said Conner. "This technology has probably been around five or six years."

"What it actually gives you the capability of is to provide a different source of music in each separate room with its own volume control," explained Conner. "So, you're having a party, people like rock and roll in this room, people like blues and jazz in that room. You can have different sources at different volumes and it's all controlled from this touch pad."

And, you have to look extremely hard to find the speakers.

"This particular house has two rooms that have surround sound in it - the 5.1 surround sound," said Conner. "You have speakers in the wall in the ceiling up here, flush mounted up against the wall out of the way, and then you have back here some companies have gotten creative with sub-woofer placement, which is a vital component."

Inside a Bullard home, I found a movie theater fit for a king.

"That's actually what we're trying to emulate is pretty much bring a commercial theater to a home theater environment," said David Baskin. "Right here, we have in-wall speakers. We have a right channel speaker, a subwoofer, right subwoofers below. Our center channel is right here in the middle."

Middle-class or upper class, you can always bring the entertainment to you.

Tickets went on sale Monday for Tyler's 56th annual Parade of Homes. A list of ticket sale locations is available on our web site. Just go to our home page, click on the Big Red Box and scroll down to the link titled "Parade of Homes." The parade runs from June 6th through the 14th.

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