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Local GM dealers look forward to new era with fresh start

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LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - "Today marks the beginning of what will be a new company - a new GM dedicated to building the very best cars and trucks," said Fritz Henderson, the CEO of General Motors.

The new GM has to deal with bankruptcy. While GM scrambles to reorganize, GM customers in East Texas are wondering how the filing will affect them and their East Texas dealership.

Lively Cadillac GMC sales manger, John Ray was glued to his computer, listening attentively to a GM news conference about the future of his employer.

"What I took from it was let's admit where we were wrong," said Ray. "I mean, we've made a mess of things. We can go forward and start building a new General Motors which is what we're going to do starting today right now."

And for Lively and other dealerships, this bankruptcy filing, right now, just may make for a brighter GM future.

"This is the first day of the rest of our life," exclaimed Ray. "We are a 100-year-old company, therefore there's a lot of retirees, a lot of retirees, that need health care and those are the ones I worry about. What does it mean for us? It just means that we began the rebuilding process as far as the customer's concern - they won't even realize it."

At the Lively dealership, customers are getting their vehicle serviced all the time. That is one thing they say will continue despite GM filing bankruptcy.

"Warranties are still backed up by the federal government," said Ray. "Bring your car in. If you need warranty work done, we'll do it. All of our incentives are continued right on. It doesn't effect the customer whatsoever."

Dana Corp is another East Texas employer that says as of right now, they're not being affected by GM's bankruptcy file either, and like Lively dealership, they're hoping to keep the wheels moving.

"My hope for the future is that we'll sell a lot of cars, a lot of trucks, continue to satisfy the people of East Texas just like we've done for the last 44 years here," said Ray. "We have an opportunity to build a brand new company with a fresh balance sheet, and with no debt and let's go get it!"

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