Store Smart: "Does It Work?"

Need more room to store your stuff? Why not try shrinking it? There's a product on the market that claims it can "triple your closet space". We put it to the test in this week's "Does It Work?" report. It's hard to believe, but it won't be long until you'll be looking to store away some of your bulkier winter clothing. And one of the weird things about storage space is most of it's occupied by air. And that's the whole concept behind this product we found called "Store Smart". The makers claim they can save you up to 2/3rds the space normally required to store clothing. The store smart product is basically a giant zip-lock baggie for your clothing, with a few extra features. The double zip-lock is on one end. On the other is a nozzle-shaped hole. Put your clothing in the zip-lock end of the "Store Smart" and the small hole on the other end is for the hose on your vacuum cleaner. We assembled a closet full children's clothing, sweatshirts, sweaters and some large adult coats. We started stuffing it into the bags. The kit comes with three bags. One's a lot bigger than the other two. We filled it with a little more than 9 pounds of clothes and zipped it up. The limit's 10 pounds, by the way. We turned on the vacuum and it worked. Now the tricky part. You fold the nozzle over twice, grab one of the hanger/sealers and hang it up. We stuffed the two smaller bags with several sweaters and some children's coats and it worked just as well. We re-loaded the closet and the results were amazing. We, indeed tripled our closet space. One small problem along the way. The hangers are very small and will not fit over large closet rods. We forced them on, but it was a tight squeeze. So, "Does It Work"? We give the "Store Smart", a "yes". We found the "Store Smart" bags for just under 10 dollars at Wal-Mart. You get 3 in a box.