ETBU football players head to London on mission trip

By: Coleman Swierc - email

Marshall, Texas (KLTV) - This summer, the players from ETBU wont be focused on hitting or tackling, but rather on changing lives, the lives of people from half a world away.

"We are going to get a lot from it," said Dewayne Hamilton, "and I think that everyone will realize and it will help us to not take everything for granted like we do over here."

Last year, 11 players made a mission trip to Croatia, to build churches, helping those in need.

This year they will do the same.

Only this year it is London, where they will preach the word of God at the Elam Institute, a ministry that preaches Christianity to Iranians, that they may do the same when they return home.

"We are going to get to help a cause, that does not come around often, even though it is construction, and what most people would not consider a mission trip, it is something that we get to have an impact on peoples lives," said assistant coach Rodney McLain, who made the trip to Croaita last year.

The Tigers realize what they are doing may be the word of God, but realize that their preaching's may come at a cost to those who are receiving.

"They are going to get ridiculed for what they believe in," said linebacker Brandon Joslin,"it will be not so much of a culture shock for us, but for them, and I pray and I ask god to protect them as they go back home to share the word of God with the other people they live with. "

"I know that what they are going into is extremely hostile, it is something that is life-threatening possibly over there with them," said lineman Jonathan Council.

"It is a big thing," said linebacker Matt Tarver, "it is like disowning their family, it is just going to be a life or death situation for them and it wil be cool to se how they react to that kind of situation."

The Tigers will stay for a the renovate the educational facility used by the Elam Institue and along the way, renovate the way others live their lives, and the way these players live their own.

"You see what following Christ costs people, literally, in other countries and in other cultures, and it gives us a deeper appreciation for what we have and hopefully a conviction and to be more serious and dedicated to it."

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