Major drug dealer taken out of action says law enforcement

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LONGVIEW, TX (KLTV) - East Texas law enforcement say a major drug dealer has been taken out of action after a five year investigation.

Combined efforts of FBI and CODE agents have led to huge amounts of cash, drugs and vehicles seized, along with seven arrests, but the big one is 25-year-old Lakendric Jamale Miller of Longview who has been identified as the leader of the operation.

"By taking those people out of the scene it greatly effects - as in - I don't think it stops drug trafficking in Longview by any means, but it greatly effected drug trafficking here in Longview and how that trafficking has been going on and who the players are involved in it," said officer Kevin Brownlee, with the Longview PD. "Ii think its' made Longview a safer place by having these people in jail."

According to the unsealed indictment, Miller funneled millions through money grams and banks accounts, some through California. In one search, agents found a secret chamber in Miller's Graham Street home with huge amounts of cash inside.

"These guys were moving large amounts of money not just money but narcotics as well," explained Brownlee. "They were very organized had thought out quite a bit of this operation."

With a long list of arrests, police said Miller lived a lavish lifestyle, owned several expensive cars, and always carried lots of cash. It was down south Longview residential streets that Miller would often drive his very expensive cars. Investigators say he gave them the impression he was untouchable.

"Driving a Bentley, having large amounts of cash all the time, they were showing people that drug dealing paid off, and we're showing today that it did not," said Brownlee.

Police say Miller was a major drug supplier, and his arrest has made an impact.

"[It was ] absolutely a major victory for law enforcement, [a] major victory for the citizens of Longview," said Brownlee.

All the suspects are being held on a U.S. Marshall detainer, facing money laundering and drug trafficking charges.

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