"You'll hear that big loud "bang"...something happened"

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TYLER, TX (KLTV) - On Tuesday, drivers will no longer be able to turn left from Shiloh Road onto Pine Knoll and Inverness drives between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. Residents say it's worth going a little out of their way to stay safe.

Because of one hill, residents in one south Tyler neighborhood are concerned about going left.

"You'll hear that big loud "bang" [and] you know, something happened," said Alex Suarez, who lives on Inverness Drive.

"My husband did witness an accident here last week," said Andrea Villapudua.

Villapudua just moved into her house on Inverness Drive two weeks ago. She says turning left is not an option in her family.

"When we came to see this house, my husband, you know, he always says, 'Don't you ever come down that hill and turn left,'" she said.

Here's the problem. People traveling down the hill, wanting to turn left put themselves at risk because those behind them don't have a lot of time to stop.

Justin Smith, the City of Tyler's interim traffic engineer says he was approached by Tyler police who were concerned with the number of crashes on Shiloh Road.

Last year, Smith says there were 58 crashes reported along Shiloh Road from left turns. 16 were at Inverness. Four were at Pine Knoll Drive. Those wanting to get into that neighborhood, Smith says, will now have to use Kirkcaldey Drive.

There was a little bit of concern about the amount of traffic that's going to move down to Kirkcaldey, but we reassured them we are going to continue to monitor the situation," said Smith.

Residents like Villapudua say going out of their way is worth it.

"I do take alternate routes," said Villapudua. "I'd rather take it, and go around, and it takes two more minutes, but I know my children are safe."

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