IPhone Apps: The educational, the helpful, and the just plain wrong

By Courtney Lane - bio | email
Posted by Ellen Krafve - email

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - Some are practical, some are entertaining, and others are just downright bizarre. As mobile platforms like Blackberries and I-Phones keep taking off in popularity, so are the applications you can download to personalize your technological experience. There is a wide range of what you can find, and we warn you, some of these apps are pretty far out there.

Apps to help you manage your money, track calories, the speed you're going. You name it, there are apps for everything.

"It's brilliant," said Meg Strout, an I-Phone user. "It makes shopping really easy. I've got friends who don't make lists at all."

Strout says there's a huge developer base; anyone can create an application and submit it.

"It's a booming market there are a lot of people who are actually professional I-Phone app developers," explained Strout.

Even kids can design them. An 11-year old boy in Illinois created a math application for learning. This week's cover of the New Yorker was created on an I-Phone. The artist bought a $5 application, then layered and drew the scene using his finger-tips.

"We really are just given more access as technology grows we have more options," said Strout.

But then, there are some that push the envelope. Like the "baby shaker" game I-Phone accepted. But, immediately pulled from it's store after angry complaints. Strout said there are lots out there creators dream-up but they are not all exactly politically correct.

Then there's a new bizarre app where users keep track of their menstrual cycle. Who knows what'll come next?

"I noticed you even have the Bible on there," I said, pointing to her phone.

"I do have the Bible on there," she replied. "They have a reading through a Bible in a year program which I'm going through."

While it can all seem complicated, Strout said she's seeing more older adults picking up on new technology.

"I think mobile devices like this have sort of paved the way for a more digital society," said Strout.

A new smart phone by Palm is hitting store shelves June 6th to compete with Apple's I-Phone. By the way, they cost around $200, plus some other fees. Some applications are free, others just $.99. Others can be more expensive.

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