After 4 decades in education, local administrator retires

Jim Bernard
Jim Bernard

Posted by Ellen Krafve - email

Released by Maya Bethany with the Lindale ISD:

LINDALE, TX - Jim Bernard has served in just about every capacity in the educational system. After 39 years of service in the state of Texas, Bernard is finally stepping away from the field he dedicated so much energy to.

The 63-year-old is set to retire after spending the last 33 years with Lindale Independent School District.

Currently serving as assistant superintendent, at various times Bernard also served as teacher, a coach and high school principal with Lindale. He was even responsible for driving a school bus.

Bernard first came to Lindale from Arlington in 1974, hired as a teacher and varsity baseball coach, as well as junior varsity basketball coach and assistant football coach.

"Back then, we had to coach everything, not just one sport," Bernard laughed. "When we first moved to Lindale, it was kind of a culture shock. There were no restaurants back in 1974 like there are now. The pace was so slow. We fell in love with the atmosphere."

"We decided to raise our kids here. We did not want to raise them in the Metroplex. It was a good place to raise kids and all of our kids are back in Lindale with their families now. They see the benefits of growing up here."

Bernard also worked as vocational teacher. As the district later dealt with financial problems, Bernard moved back and forth between roles as high school principal and assistant superintendent. Bernard was happy to help with any role the district needed him to fill.

"Lindale puts kids first," he said. "This school district is noted. People come to Lindale because of the schools."

Bernard briefly spent three years as principal at Rains High School, but returned to Lindale where his heart was.

"The '74 graduates, we've even taught their kids. Their grand kids are in the lower levels. You see people grow up. Four or five years after they graduate you see them start to have families. The neatest thing is seeing them go on to success."

Bernard was honored at a special ceremony last Tuesday night for his years of service to Lindale ISD.

"You make a lot of friends as a school teacher," he said. "With the students, you hope you influenced them for the better."