Avezzano part of star-studded night in Tyler

A former Cowboys assistant coach was part of a star-studded night in Tyler on Wednesday.

Joe Avezzano was the guest speaker at the annual KTBB Scholastic All-Stars Banquet.

Avezzano was once special teams coach for the Cowboys and head coach of the Dallas Desperados.

The Scholastic All-Stars Banquet honors the best in both athletics and academics from across East Texas.

It was a night Avezzano was proud to lend his celebrity to.

"We hear so much about the bad, and I understand that," Avezzano told KLTV 7 Sports, "but tonight we are celebrating, not the kids that have had it easy, but kids that have figured it out."

"They are good in school and good at athletics and they are good in the community. That is neat. We do not celebrate them enough and that is why I am here. I am proud do be a part of it."

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