Cheap Eats: Taco, taco,taco...oh! And some Bar-B-Q

Posted by Ellen Krafve - email

There are many who have doubted our ability to keep bringing you Cheap Eats each week, but we continue to prove them wrong.

I headed to north Tyler to start my quest and stumbled upon a tasty but surprising Cheap Eat.

Brickhouse Bar-B-Q was my first stop. Walking inside, I smelled the bar-b-q and felt at home.

I stepped up to the window and put in my order. In stealth mode I made my way through the kitchen and was just about to see my future meal when...I changed my mind and decided that waiting was the best strategy. I could taste the bar-b-q as it was brought out. I opened the box expecting fire cooked brisket and got...fried fish?!

"Our bar-b-q is really good but our fish is also really great and you said you were hungry, so I figured this would fill you up," explained manager Adrian Newton.

With two big pieces of fried catfish, fries and a 16 oz drink coming out to only $4.90 the meal would fill up anyone.

The second stop of the day took me to central Tyler, to a place where the tacos are plentiful. Los Gueros Taqueria made it easy for Cheap Eat hunters by posting a menu outside. But it was a posting on the door that is your second Cheap Eat. Skilled hands brought the deal to life in the back and the fillin's were piled high. Throw in some beans and add some rice and you've got yourself another deal. Los Gueros will give you a taco, rice, beans, and a drink for only $4.98.

My final stop was Jalpita, located at 813 Lindsey Street in Tyler, where I discovered the power of their mini taco. Only costing you $1, you're able to get three mini tacos and a can drink for the small price of $3.80 making it this weeks Cheap Eats winner!

Bonus Cheap Eats:

Fugler's Grocery Store & Market
Bubba Hamburger
Small Soda
10079 Hwy. 154
Marshall, TX

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