WebXtra: Friends say owner of tires in Hawkins is fishing

By Molly Reuter - bio | email

WOOD COUNTY, TX (KLTV) - Hawkins city officials and state officials say they still have not heard from the owners of Foster & Sons Scrap Tire Service, the company that allegedly collected the tires in Hawkins. KLTV went to Robert Foster's home in Wood County this afternoon. Foster is the president of the company. He was not home, but we spoke to two of his friends. They say Foster and his wife were on Lake Fork fishing, trying to get away from everything.

According to the TCEQ, they had told Mr. Foster several times to remove the tires from the 559 South Beaulah Street location. That is where the fire occurred. Wednesday, we learned Foster is not only in trouble with the state, but with a cement company based out of Kansas.

We obtained a copy of a lawsuit filed in March, 2008 by Ash Grove Cement Company. The company's attorney Ronnie Horsley says Foster owes Ash Grove around $5,000.00 for disposing of some of his tires. Horsley says he asked Foster to answer a list of questions regarding his assets. Horsley says Foster never did that. That's when a Wood County Judge ordered Foster to appear in court. Foster never appeared. Then, earlier this month, the court asked Wood County authorities to arrest Foster. Foster was booked into the Wood County Jail on May 6th. Foster bonded out the next day.

Horsley says in just the last couple of days Foster did answer the questions regarding his assets. KLTV also spoke to the wife of Robert Foster, Louise Foster on the phone. She said she and her husband would not comment until they get an attorney.

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