Flu-Like Illness Sweeps Through Hawkins I.S.D.

Hawkins I.S.D. is now feeling the effects of flu-like symptoms.

School officials cancelled classes after learning 18 % of the entire student body was out sick on Monday. The students are experiencing headaches, fever and congestion...one student has even been hospitalized with those symptoms.

The district's superintendent Marsha McCoy hopes the long break will give kids a chance to get over the unknown virus.

"With 126 students absent today, it's likely they're going to be down for a number of days," McCoy said."We're seeing kids pretty well down for four to five days."

Many students who showed up for school on Monday became ill during the course of the day.

"By the time I got down there to pick her up it was a few minutes till noon," said one mother. "And on the sign out sheet, there were already 38 others signed out."

"I'm glad we're going to get off," says freshman Sarah Etheridge who went home ill on Monday. "Because if I'm still sick next week, we're going to have the break and I can get over it then."

Hawkins I.S.D. is about 15 miles from Winona where several students tested positive for the Hong Kong Flu. There is no diagnosis yet on what is affecting Hawkins students.

Classes will resume on Monday and extra-curricular activities are suspended until Friday.