Cab Driver's Son Blamed in Murder

An Upshur County man who was murdered last week may have been killed by his own son. A history of violence within the family is coming to light. Moday night, Upshur County investigators say the murderer is in custody.

James Paul Noble didn't show any emotion this afternoon as he was arraigned for the murder of his father, Ricky Noble. Paul was already in jail, charged with stealing weapons in Southern Upshur County. Sheriff's investigators are now checking to see if those weapons were used in the murder.

Ricky Noble's body was found in a ditch in Southeastern Upshur County.  He had been shot in the head.

Noble had survived a shooting in the summer of 1999. He was shot three times at close range while driving a cab in Longview. His friend, Chris Carmack says Ricky used to laugh about the shooting.

"I usually talk to him every evening. And a week ago Sunday was the last time I talked to him. I called on Monday evening. Paul answered the phone. And, I said where's your dady. He said he's still at work."

Carmack says violence is not new to the Noble family. Paul's older brother, Ricky Jr. is also in the Upshur County Jail. He's charged with threatening and robbing Ricky Sr. with a knife last month.

In addition to a $200,000 bond for burglary, Paul Noble now has a $500,000 bond for the murder of his father.