Have they found the "missing link"? "Ida" know.

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TYLER, TX (KLTV) - They're calling her "the missing link". Earlier this week, New York's Museum of Natural History revealed "Ida" to the world; a 47 million-year-old monkey-like fossil unearthed about a quarter of a century ago. Scientists say the discovery could go a long way toward explaining human evolution.

The question is, is science getting close to trumping religion? The debate continues and some, just aren't buying it.

A place for every piece and every piece in it's place Scientists couldn't help but marvel at "Ida's" human-ness, with an opposable thumb and finger nails. But, could she be our great-great-great-great-great ancestor? As one researcher quipped...

"Don't look like anybody in my family," said Rebecca Martin.

Rebecca Martin and her husband don't think so. They say it's a fascinating find but...

"We believe that God created us in the image of him, so to think that that's our ancestor, would go against our beliefs," said Thomas Martin.

But they say there's nothing wrong with having options or learning.

"You have to respect everyone else's opinion," said Rebecca Martin. "It doesn't mean you have to make it your own."

"Anytime we get the opportunity to fill in blanks, or learn about an animal..." David Howard says it's a good thing.

Howard teaches biology at Robert E. Lee High School in Tyler. He says you can't beat the science and history of it all.

"But, I'm not seeing it make somebody jump from one ship to the other," he said.

"What we try to explain to our kids are the various theories regarding the origins of life," said Jay Ferguson, Headmaster of Grace Community School.

He says "Ida" has a place in they're teachings that God was the author of all life-beginning events.

"One can still be a solid, Bible believing Christian and believe any one of those theories," said Ferguson.

In other words, fossil findings don't necessarily have a bearing on faith.

"When it comes down to it, it's just a very well preserved fossil," said Ferguson.

The debate now has four more legs and a tail to stand on.

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