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UPDATE: They escaped in a trash bin...

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GREGG COUNTY, TX (KLTV) - Earlier this week two inmates escaped from the Gregg County jail. Fortunately, they were recovered, but many are wondering just how they escaped from their maximum security cells.

Desmond Jackson and Bruce Kelly allegedly got help breaking out from a jail trusty.

How they escaped was explained in the arrest affidavit by the trusty himself, but the question that remains is, what help, if any, did he get from anyone else at the jail.

In the affidavit, 22-year-old Gregg County inmate Anthony Williams told investigators that he got two inmates out by putting them in a trash bin, covering them, and pushing them to an outside dumpster. Williams claims the cells were left open by a jail employee.

Desmond Jackson and Bruce Kelly were recaptured after 14 hours on the run.

Williams told officers that the pair promised to leave him blocks of marijuana and tobacco by the dumpster if he got them out. Two jail employees are on administrative leave while the escape is being investigated, but Sheriff Maxey Cerliano says that does not mean they're accused of anything.

"There is a lot of misinformation out in the public," said Cerliano. "These two employees do not stand charged with a crime they have been somewhat cooperative we continue to work with them to determine exactly what happened, related to the escape and we're going to continue our thorough investigation."

The focus of the investigation now is how did secured cells on the 7th floor of the jail get left open, and who knew about it. Incidentally, no marijuana or tobacco was found either at the dumpster or in the possession of any of the inmates.

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