Idol worship in East Texas

By Morgan Chesky - bio | email
Posted by Ellen Krafve - email

TYLER, TX (KLTV) - It has been 16 weeks since the 2009 season kicked off and last night over 100 million votes were cast to decide the next American Idol.

Last night a surprised Kris Allen took home the Idol crown. The small town singer/songwriter from Arkansas pulled off what some are calling the biggest Idol upset ever, beating California rocker Adam Lambert. The day after the come from behind victory East Texans showcased mixed emotions. But happy or sad, America chose their idol.

"Oh yes, I was screamin'," said one fan. "I was excited, I think he was the right person."

"He lost," asked one surprised Idol fan. "Oh, that's not right no."

"I think Adam had a better voice but I just liked Chris's style better so it's hard to say," said an Idol watcher.

To set the record straight, we went to Kerry Baham, the director of performing arts at Tyler Junior College.

"I really didn't think anyone else had a chance once you heard this guy sing," said Baham.

Comparing Idol replays online, he says when it comes to vocal talent it's not exactly a fair match up.

"This would be like having a one on one basketball competition between Lebron and some high school kid," said Baham. "From a musical standpoint that's as big a mismatch."

"That much," I asked.

"Oh yeah," he replied. "Oh definitely."

And as last night's results show, the best voice doesn't always walk away with the title.

"You can tell how much stronger a voice Adam has, but like Simon has said, many times it's not always it's not just a singing competition and everyone has their own opinion," said Baham.

As for whose career will take off, time will tell, but history has shown sometimes the career winner is not your American Idol.

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