Local Travellers Insuring Healthy Vacation

Although the end of the year for some means travel, some vacationers are getting wary. With cruise ships getting bad publicity because of illness, some travellers have begun taking out trip insurance policies, which pay for their trip in the event of unforeseen problems.

Some policies also can pay for overseas medical expenses and emergency return tickets. For some prospective passengers, the additional cost for insurance is not a problem compared to the possibility of losing their vacations.

Ron Ragan of Business Direct Marketing is planning his first cruise for January, and he saw the insurance as a necessary expense.

"I think it's a good investment," Ragan says. "For a percentage of your total if you think about losing the whole thing for some unfortunate accident, or you get sick or something strange happens. I don't think it to be necessarily a bad thing."

The cost of cruise or airline insurance varies according to the policy. They are available from the cruise company, or from private companies. As with all insurance policies, the exact details will vary.

Reid Kerr reporting.