Playoff Games Paying Off Rose Stadium Turf Cost

It was once a mud pit on rainy Friday nights.  Now, Rose Stadium is a place that many schools want to play when it comes playoff time.

the new artificial turf has been in for a year and a half now.   It still looks new, and is being paid off on time.

The price tag was over $500,000, and TISD needs to host ten playoff games each year to pay off the field.  They'll meet that quota with games Saturday.

Johanna Denson, TISD Athletic Director: "We're paying off our field each year. We are paying the note we agreed to pay, and it's financed over five years. We are in the second year, and the teams are still coming."

Denson says the job of TISD is to make sure the coaches and players have the best experience possible. She says word-of-mouth travels quickly in high school sports.

Morgan Palmer reporting.