Spring Hill southpaw, the new "King of the K"

By: Coleman Swierc - email

Spring Hill, Texas (KLTV) - Garrett Methvin gets alot of attention.

"I get quite a bit, just because I am a pitcher."

He deserves every bit of it, the Spring Hill southpaw has made a living, of mowing batters down.

"Once in a while you see a 15 strike out game," said Panther head coach Griff Mauldin, "but to see it done 4,5, 6 times a year, is pretty phenomenal."

In a playoff game against Mexia, Methvin was un-hittable, sitting down 17 batters.

"Last night they told me that I topped out at 89, but I was consistenly between 85 and 87."

"It is a whole 'nother game when he pitches," said Methvin's cathcer Ryan Small, "it is up to a higher intensity and we are ready to go and win that game."

Methvin's pitching has thrown the Panthers deep in the playoffs, leaving teams to try anything to aviod him in a one game playoff...choosing to take their chances in a series.

"Even in a series, if we can find a way to win one of those games, with Garrett coming on the mound, you have a great chance," said Mauldin.

If only now he can figure out a way to get his teammates involved.

"I had zero balls hit to me the other night," said Panther Tyler Johnson, "and it has been that way for the past few nights, but that is just the way he is."

"Do you think they ever get bored out there with you striking everyone out?" I asked Methvin.

"They have told me that, but they keep it interesting."

Some dont mind the non-stop punchouts.

"If I had it my way," said Small, "I would have 21 strikeouts and we would score a couple of runs and go home."

And with pitchers like Garrett Methvin, a couple of runs, can take you a couple more rounds.