Theme for this year's homes? The backyard.

By Philippe Djegal - email
Posted by Ellen Krafve - email

BULLARD, TX (KLTV) - The backyard. Home of the bar-b-q and family fun.

"I've got more and more clients nowadays that are not concerned with the size of their front porch, but concerned with the size of their back porch," said Jason Campbell, president of Custom Homes.

Jason built Dell Ferguson's custom designed home. Dell and his wife moved to East Texas in March. Their children are grown, but they have grand kids. So there home is where everyone comes to vacation.

"We love coming out here on the patio anytime," said Ferguson. "But, we're out here every evening."

"You have a wood burning fireplace with a gas starter," said Campbell. "And, then, of course, a custom mantle, and then outdoor TV. Everybody's movin' more and more towards, while we're out here, if you're eating dinner. Or, if you're playing at the pool or anything like that, everybody's always got to have a TV going on in the house."

And they're not the only ones turning their backyards into resorts.

"So, what makes this unique," I asked Campbell.

Between the waterfall going into the main existing pool and then of course the flagstone top that goes around," said Campbell. "Part of this is uncovered, part of this is covered to where you've got sunlight on part of it and the other part shaded."

And, most of the backyard is covered up to keep the leaves and bugs away.

"This is a screening enclosure that we've done," said Campbell. "This is custom built. It's made to a scaled model where it's completely been able to be approved before its ever built. It's custom built here on site, piece by piece and the custom screens around the entire area."

And, the most important part of the backyard are the cooking stations.

"We have one area that's for barbeque and it's closer to the outside ride of the house where smoke can escape quicker," said Campbell. "Not an annoyance, and then you have a totally separate area, the outdoor kitchen that actually has the searing station and things such as that."

"Makes a big difference to spend time together and just be out here together outside, enjoying the pool or just family time, watching TV, eating dinner outside," said Campbell. "Just get out of the house."

Tyler's annual Parade of Homes is this June 6th through the 14th. The location of the 30 featured homes will remain a secret until June 1st when tickets go one sale. More than 4,500 people toured the parade last year.

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