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Cheap Eats: "Full of flavor and every bite is a good bite"

By Morgan Chesky - bio | email
Posted by Ellen Krafve - email

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - It sounds hard, finding a lunch with a non-water drink for under $5 with tax, but at it happens every week here at KLTV. It's called Cheap Eats and this time we pulled out all the stops to find the best lunch deals in East Texas.

If you were wondering where I find my Cheap Eats, I got them from you guys.

My first stop was Stoker's in Gladewater. After a look around, it was hard to miss the menu on the wall. Opening at it location less than a month ago, owner William Stoker shared his food's secret.

"Full of flavor and every bite is a good bite," said Stoker. "Nothing is ever the same every bit is different."

In the back I saw my future hamburger. No doubt the burger, fries and soda will fill you up, at a cost of $4.87.

Next up was Taqueria Lindo Mexico in Tyler. Walking in it was easy to see why they were next on the Cheap Eats list. I ordered a torta and witnessed its birth. You get a torta of your choice and a small soda for $4.87. Hmm...we needed a tiebreaker.

Then, I spotted it...Coffee Express.

I looked at the menu and I saw some different sandwiches. There was a chopped beef sandwich and, yum, a brown bag combo (any sandwich with chips, a drink and a cookie).

Stepped up and ordered. Minutes later my prize was wrapped up and ready to go.

I got a Dr. Pepper, a chicken salad sandwich, chips, and a cookie for only $4.75, making Coffee Express this Cheap Eats winner.

Bonus Cheap Eats:

Three Tacos
Bottle of Coke
510 SSW Loop 323
Mercado Monterrey

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