Anatomy of an escape

By Bob Hallmark - bio | email
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GREGG COUNTY, TX (KLTV) - Two dangerous East Texas inmates are once again guests of the Gregg County jail. 27-year-old Desmond Jackson and 22-year-old Bruce Kelly are back behind bars. Kelly was caught near the East Texas Regional Airport last night. Jackson was captured after authorities pulled over a van he was driving. Now the question is, just how did these two break out of the Gregg County jail? The answer is...they had help.

It didn't take Gregg County authorities long to corral the two escaped inmates.

"[They were caught] some 14 hours after the investigation started," said Mike Claxton. "We feel fortunate that we were able to recapture both suspects."

The central figure in the escape is 22-year-old Anthony Williams. He is a trusty at the Gregg County jail, with a long list of arrests.

"I will tell you there was some planning done," said Sheriff Maxey Cerliano. "Williams is an inmate trusty already in Gregg County jail. They had a several hour head start on us.

The separation cells are extremely secured facilities. They're under lock and key and they're electronically monitored. You can't dig your way out and you can't pick the lock, Jackson and Kelly were not getting out on their own.

Williams is being credited with arranging the escapes and Marquis Kelly, Bruce Kelly's brother, is identified as the wheel-man, helping the pair get away.

"We'll conduct a thorough investigation," said Cerliano. "Once that investigation is complete then we will analyze that to determine exactly what happened."

Investigators say the "why" is the easiest part to answer.

"We have one that's already sentenced to life without parole, so obviously he has very little to lose," said Cerliano.

Williams is charged with facilitating an escape, while Kelly is charged with felony hindering apprehension.

Sheriff Cerliano said that for an inmate to be a trustee they must be a non-violent offender and display good conduct. As it turns out, Williams was also a "trusty" in a previous stay at the Gregg County jail.

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