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A Better East Texas: Miss USA controversy

I can't help but weigh in on the recent Miss USA controversy.

You'll recall Carrie Prejean answered a pageant question on national television  that included her belief that marriage was between a man and a woman. She was very straightforward about it.

Well, her comments were followed by a barrage of personal attacks all because of her answer.

Carrie Prejean gave a politically incorrect answer to a politically correct audience and was ridiculed, be-littled, and discredited for it.  That is just plain un-American.

Those who attacked Ms. Prejean should remember they live in a country that 'allows' them their opinion without consequence. And to put someone on trial in the media for giving an honest opinion is simply hypocritical.  In far too many instances it appears free speech doesn't exist unless you agree with pop culture and the national media. Well, these hypocrites need to understand that they too will be held accountable for their actions and words.

The good news is, freedom of speech is for everyone, and exercising that privledge will make this a better east texas.

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