Restaurant Report Scoring System Changing

How the score for Smith County restaurant reports is changing. No more perfect 100's... But a perfect zero.

Brenda Elrod, of the Smith County Public Health District: "I don't want them to go into shock when they see that a restaurant made a zero. A zero will mean a good thing."

Each violation has a number of demerit points. Instead of being subtracted from 100, We start counting at zero.

Critical violations are five points, four points, and three points.

So the idea would be anytime you received any points off, then you would know you received a critical violation, so the perfect score now is a zero..

Five Demerits are given for the following violations:

1. Improper Cooling for Cooked/Prepared Food

2. Cold Hold (cold foods must be held at or below 45°F)

3. Hot Hold (hot foods must be held at or above 140°F)

4. Improper Cooking Temperatures

5. Problems with Rapid Reheating (cool to 165°F in 2 hours)

Four Demerits are given for the following violations:

6. Persons have infections that exclude/restrict them from food service

7. Improper or Inadequate Handwashing

8. Hygienic Practices (Eating/Drinking/Smoking/Other)

9. Unapproved Source or Labeling of Products

10. Unsound Conditions

11. Improper Handling of Ready-to-Eat Foods

12. Cross-contamination of Raw/Cooked/Other Foods

13. Unapproved Systems

14. Water Supply (Approved Source/Sufficient Capacity/Hot and Cold Under Pressure)

Three Demerits are given for the following reasons:

15. Equipment Not Adequate to Maintain Product Temperature

16. Handwash Facilities Not Adequate or Accessible

17. Handwash Facilities without Soap and/or Towels

18. Evidence of Insect Contamination

19. Evidence of Rodents/Other Animals

20. Toxic Items Improperly Stored/Labeled/Used

21. Problems with Manual Washing and Sanitizing

22. Problems with Mechanical Washing and Sanitizing

23. Unapproved Sewage/Wastewater Disposal System or Improper Disposal

24. Thermometers not provided/inaccurate/not properly calibrated

25. Food Contact Surfaces of Equipment and Utensils not cleaned, sanitized, or in good repair

26. Consumer Advisories not posted (Heimlich, raw shellfish warning, buffet plate)

27. Food Establishment Permit Not Posted