Hot Toys are High-Tech in 2002

It's Oz for Technophiles. This season brings the biggest and the brightest in the world of high tech. Computers, cameras, TVs and lots of games.

"We do quite a bit of fun and games, PS2s and X-Boxes, entertainment software which is DVDs and what not," says Tyler Best Buy manager Arnold Bernardino.

Something that's pretty hot this year are HDTV plasma screens. They're thin, they can be mounted anywhere, and they're stylish. But all that style does come with a price.  The largest one is $11,000.

Spend a little less and see yourself in this TV. That's inside a handheld computer, or PDA. The new Sony model has a camera and a keyboard.

DVD recorders are growing in popularity, though they're still pricey.

"Your basic DVD recorders can do anything from recording your VHS tapes onto DVD for historical value, plus you can actually hook them to your TV as a running VHS tape."

They run between about $800-$1000. "You're not going to lose any quality or audio or video that you sometimes do with VHS tapes," says Best Buy DVD expert John Denning.

Judging from the crowds Thursday, regular DVD players are on a lot of folks wish lists, and cameras of all kinds are big.