CrimeFighters: A rare addition

By Taylor Hemness - bio | email

EAST TEXAS (KLTV) - We have added three new people to our wanted board, including something that doesn't happen very often for KLTV 7 CrimeFighters. That's where we'll begin, and it's rare because we don't know our first suspect's name.

A man is wanted by the Tyler Police Department on charges of credit card abuse. Nearly two weeks ago, he took several hundred dollars out of the Southside Bank ATM on West Gentry Parkway, allegedly with a credit card that didn't belong to him. He's believed to be in his mid 30's, but right now a picture is really all police have to go on.

If you have any idea where the man is, e-mail your tip to, or call 903-531-1000.

We also want to tell you about a man that Jacksonville police are trying to track down. His name is Shannon Todd Brooks.

Brooks is wanted on a state jail felony charge of theft. In this case, he and another man are accused of taking property from a business in Jacksonville and selling it at a salvage yard. The other man has already been caught, but Brooks is still out there. If you know his whereabouts, call the Jacksonville police with your tip at 903-586-2546, or send your tips via email. The address is

Teri Baird is accused of credit or debit card abuse. This offense happened in September of 2008, and Wood County deputies are still trying to bring her in. If you know where Teri Baird might be, e-mail your tip to, or call 903-763-2274.

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