John Tyler Ups Security

John Tyler High School triples its security force after a series of fights. The latest incident happened on Monday. T.I.S.D. says several students attacked and robbed a 15 year old on campus. The district says that student received minor injuries and was treated at a local hospital. But, major steps have now been taken to try to prevent future attacks.

"I believe John Tyler to be a safe campus where we've just had some random acts of violence on over these last few weeks," said Superintendent Dr. David Simmons on Wednesday. Twice in the past month, police have been called to John Tyler High School to investigate assaults. It's raised questions about the safety of J.T. Students.

"The vast majority do go to school and take care of their business each day. It's unfortunate the acts of a few have cast a negative doubt, or light on that campus. But, we do take it serious, and we have implemented some additional measures to maintain a safe and orderly environment."

Dr. Simmons, and J.T. Principal, Dr. Aubry Todd announced a new plan for protection. Teachers and administrators were put on heightened awareness. Some staff members will now be assigned to specific duty stations to monitor student traffic in remote parts of the campus. Security cameras will be repositioned and more will be added in certain areas. And four new police officers will now patrol the John Tyler grounds.

Those officers were already on the job by Wednesday afternoon. That brings the total number of officers on campus to six.

Fights are not unique to John Tyler. They happen in other schools as well. But, because this campus is so spread out there are nooks and crannies that create opportunities for violence. The hope is the steps the district took Wednesday will eliminate those opportunities altogether.

Principal Todd has also announced a new Campus Safety and Security Committee. It will be made up of students, parents, and teachers, and will look for steps J.T. can take to cut down on school violence. 

   Stephen Parr, reporting.