Salvation Army on the Move

The Salvation Army has a new home. The new shelter on North Broadway in Tyler will open a few weeks from now. But, inside, things are already taking shape.

One hundred cabinets roll down a ramp and inside the new "Ornelas Center of Hope." Soon, they will hold the clothes, belongings, and dreams for East Texans who come here for shelter.

Community Director Linda Edwards says the Salvation Army's new home will help change lives. "This is designed to give people more privacy to keep their dignity intact. You know, they're in a homeless shelter. So, we want them to feel as comfortable as possible."

Everything here has been designed to help restore dignity, from the pristine floors, to the private showers. "The fellas don't have to wait as long to get their showers and if they're looking for a job, it will be easier for them to get to the showers to be ready to go look for work."

The cafeteria is large enough to feed more than 200 people at one time. And the kitchen won't just serve food, it will help train some of the future residents for a job in food service.

"It was given a lot of thought and a whole lot of prayer to be able to design and make this a functional facility to help those that come to us for help."

The Salvation Army plans to officially open the "Ornelas Center of Hope" during the first week of January.

   Stephen Parr, reporting.